Carbs in Strawberries
One Cup of Strawberries Contains
8g  Net Carbs
11g TOTAL CARBS   |   3g FIBER

Carbs in Strawberries

By Jennifer Shun  |  Nutrition data source USDA

Who can resist a ripe, summer strawberry? Apparently not too many, thanks to a distinctive aroma, sweet taste, slightly soft texture, and bonus nutritional qualities.  Explaining why strawberries are the most consumed berry fruit in the world.

I love berries topping yogurt and granola breakfast parfaits, alongside sharp cheddar on fruit and cheese board, dipped in dark chocolate or dolloped with whipped cream.

High in fiber and antioxidants, strawberries are also an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese. They are low-glycemic with a low carb load making them a good fruit option for blood sugar management. Wondering how blueberries, raspberries or your other favorite berry compare? Read more in What are the Best & Worst Fruits for Diabetes, there’s also a quick reference chart.

1 cup, whole144g11.1g2.9g8.2g
1 cup, sliced166g12.7g3.3g9.4g
1 cup, pureed232g17.8g4.6g13.2g

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