Helping Manage Diabetes Through Healthy, Carb-Conscious Cuisine
Favorite Seasonal Recipes

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80 flavor-forward, layered recipes that will not only help manage your blood sugar but leave you with something to savor.

Written and photographed in sunny, southern California and inspired by my daughter’s Type 1 diabetes diagnosis, For Good Measure: A Diabetic Cookbook promises to nurture both body and blood sugar through healthy meals created with natural, simple ingredients.

Preventing and managing diabetes doesn’t have to be bland or boring, in this modern recipe collection you’ll discover delicious desserts, family favorites, plant-forward dishes, gluten-free options, on-the-go snacks and slow-cooked simple suppers. All with nutrition information to meal plan or dose insulin from because when living with diabetes no carbohydrate is ever left uncounted.

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My name is Jennifer Shun. I’m not a chef and I never went to culinary school. I love food, family meals and entertaining; and I'll admit my best memories are around the dinner table.

On Mother’s Day 2016, my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. In an instant, something as simple as dinner seemed insurmountable.

In the months that followed, I read everything I could on diabetes. Then I went back into the kitchen and began to cook. Inspiration flowed, as I stirred and sautéed, and something beautiful began to form.

It’s from that place that I hope this resource will make your life a little easier … if not only a little more flavorful.

From my heart and hands, enjoy.

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