Carbs in Blueberries
One Cup of Blueberries Contains
18g  Net Carbs
22g TOTAL CARBS   |   4g FIBER

Carbs in Blueberries

By Jennifer Shun  |  Nutrition data source USDA

I’m a blueberry gal. When young, it was blueberry pie over birthday cake every year. Incorporating my favorite fruit into blood sugar friendly recipes was a personal goal. I mastered Blueberry Muffins, a Tart, and a hearty Winter Greens Salad dotted with plump, juicy berries.

Berries in general are claimed to be some of the healthiest foods we can eat. High in fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants, blueberries are also a great source of vitamin K. The carb count varies depending on whether they’re fresh or dried; therefore, I always incorporate raw, in season fruit in my recipes.

Read more about the carb load of berries in What are the Best & Worst Fruits for Diabetes. See how your favorites compare, you might just change the topping on your favorite breakfast cereal.

1 cup148g22g4g18g

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