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The author is not responsible for the outcome of any recipe you try from this blog/website, You may not always have the same results due to variations in ingredients, humidity, altitude, cooking temperatures, typos, errors, omissions, or individual cooking abilities.  Please always use your best judgment when cooking with raw ingredients such as eggs. Any information you find here is believed to be accurate at the time of posting, however, that could change with product reformulations.

The author is not a doctor, nutritionist, or dietician.  The information shared is based on the author’s experiences and research.  The statements contained in this website or blog have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This blog/website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult a doctor before altering your diet in any way. Any action you take is strictly at your own risk.

It is the reader’s responsibility to determine the value and quality of any recipe or instructions provided for food preparation and to determine the nutritional value, if any, and safety of the preparation instructions. The recipes presented are intended for entertainment and/or informational purposes and for use by persons having appropriate technical skill, at their own discretion and risk.  While the author prepares the recipes at her own risk, she assumes that should you desire to follow the recipes in this blog, you are doing so “at your own risk.” The author makes no warranties for the outcome of your food experiments.

Cooking is very subjective. You and the author might use different brands of the same ingredients. Your ovens might have different temperatures. Your cooking abilities might be at different levels. Before trying a new recipe, read and re-read the recipe. Make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients. Use the right amounts and tools. What you decide to do with the recipes here is your responsibility.

Nutrition data is gathered primarily from the Spoonacular Food API.  Nutrition information can vary for a recipe based on factors such as precision of measurements, brands, ingredient freshness, or the source of nutrition data. The information is as accurate as possible, but no warranties are made regarding its accuracy.  The author encourages readers to make their own calculations based on the actual ingredients used, using your preferred nutrition calculator.  Any recommendations are made based on the author’s research or personal experience but shall not be construed as medical or nutritional advice. You are fully responsible for any actions you take and any consequences that occur as a result of anything you read on this website.

The website or content herein is not intended to cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease. Please consult your health care provider regarding any health-related decisions.

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