Carbs in Peaches
One Cups of Peaches Contains
13g  Net Carbs
15g TOTAL CARBS   |   2g FIBER

Carbs in Peaches

By Jennifer Shun  |  Nutrition data source USDA

Originally from China, peaches have a rich history spanning over 8,000 years. Even today, China is the world’s leading peach producer. An English colonist is noted as planting the first peach tree in North America, but it took a couple hundred years for peaches to be grown commercially in American soil.

Like blackberries, peaches are also a member of the rose family. They also share the same species as nectarines with fuzz being the discerning difference.

Best ripe and fragrant, they are delicate, bruising ever so easily, so it’s best to handle with care. A good source of vitamins A, C and E, they are summer personified chilled and sliced, topped with whipped cream. For an unexpected twist, add a few slices to a pot of sun tea or grill alongside your favorite seasonal chicken.

1 cup155g15.7g2.3g13.4g

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