5 Delicious Low-Carb Summer Fruits

5 Delicious Low-Carb Summer Fruits

Summer has arrived and there’s no better season for fresh produce.  The emerald hues of spring have given way to punchy sun-kissed color. Red, yellow, and orange dominate the palette reflecting the vibrancy of the summer sun.

Whether you’re visiting your local farmstand, browsing the weekend market, or popping in to admire your grocer’s display, here are five choices that will satisfy your summer sweet tooth, while keeping your blood sugar happy.

Bear in mind all fruits contains carbs, but also beneficial vitamins and minerals. That said, some choices are simply better for impeding blood sugar spikes than others. Raw, fiber-rich fruits slow carb and sugar absorption, promoting a more gradual rise in blood sugar levels.  Here’s our top five.

Tomatoes: 1 cup | 180g | 5g net carbs


You already know tomatoes are a fruit – born from a flower, containing seeds. I know in the culinary world this is a stretch, but I dare you to slice a sun-ripened favorite paired with creamy mozzarella, topped with fresh basil, and not find a sweet spot.  Roasting coaxes out even more flavor, creating a great topping to your favorite salad or as a side to your morning eggs. Feeling lazy in the summer sun, mix a few ripe tomatoes in with the ingredients from the rest of this list, drizzle with a little balsamic, and enjoy.

Blackberries: 1 cup | 144g | 6g net carbs

A member of the expansive Rosaccae {rose} family, blackberries have been well recorded throughout history with uses spanning from medicinal to dyes and ink. Thankfully by the late 19th century, blackberry jam had become common table fare and is still enjoyed today.  With a high-fiber, low carb footprint, blackberries add a pop of sweetness to a yogurt and granola parfait, pair well with tangy goat cheese or aged cheddar on a cheese board, or are perfect with a simple, dollop of fresh whipped cream.

Watermelon: 1 cup | 155g | 11g net carbs

Did you know a watermelon is 92% water? The fun facts don’t end there, if you’re interested or maybe just looking for a little reading material while you snack and hydrate, look it up. If nibbling a cold wedge in the summer sun isn’t for you, try crisp slices paired with briny feta and topped with fresh mint or toss chunky cubes with sun-ripened tomatoes and a sherry vinaigrette.

Cantaloupe: 1 cup | 160g | 12g net carbs

Cantaloupe fails to ripen after it’s picked, making it the summer superstar! Sweet and juicy with a slight floral back note, this melon shines in high season from June to August.  A good source of vitamins A and C, it is best enjoyed raw, or if you’re looking for something to beat the heat, scoop the orangey flesh into quarter-sized balls and freeze.

Peaches: 1 cup | 155g | 13g net carbs

Like blackberries, peaches are also a member of the rose family. Best ripe and fragrant, they are delicate, bruising ever so easily, so handle with care. Originally from China, peaches have a rich history spanning over 8,000 years. A good source of vitamins A, C and E, they are summer personified chilled and sliced, topped with whipped cream. For an unexpected twist, add a few slices to a pot of sun tea or grill and serve alongside your favorite seasonal chicken.


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