Carbs in Onions
One Cup of Onions Contains
12g  Net Carbs
15g TOTAL CARBS   |   3g FIBER

Carbs in Onions

By Jennifer Shun  |  Nutrition data source USDA

Onions are a kitchen staple. Much like salt, they would be missed from your favorite dishes as they add a rich umami flavor, alongside a subtle sweetness when cooked. But did you know an onion’s savory characteristics are kept under wraps until their cells are damaged under the pressure of a knife or in flame’s way? Explaining why you don’t smell a whole, raw onion, or if you do it’s sure to be bruised.

Varying from sharp and pungent when raw to sweet and savory when cooked, onions are a good source of vitamin C, as well as a low glycemic food.

I’ll admit when I first started carb counting recipes, I was surprised at how an onion could impact the net carbs, specifically in common ingredient listings, which often call simply for “an onion.” Depending on size, one onion could yield a half cup or two cups and both carry a very different value that would inevitably alter the insulin dose required.

It was from this starting point that I was inspired to write my latest cookbook featuring over 80 flavorful recipes to balance blood sugar.  Each illustrated recipe contains specific ingredient lists and nutritional values to help the reader accurately dose insulin from page to pen/pump.

1 tablespoon, chopped10g0.9g0.2g0.7g
1 cup, chopped160g14.9g2.7g12.2g
1 cup, sliced115g10.7g2.0g8.7g

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