Carbs in Avocados
One Cup of Avocado Contains
3g  Net Carbs
13g TOTAL CARBS   |   10g FIBER

Carbs in Avocados

By Jennifer Shun  |  Nutrition data source USDA

Avocados are as much a part of California as the surf and sun. Originating in Central America, avocados were brought to the golden state in the 1800s. Today there are over 500 varieties identified worldwide, with well-known Hass being a California native. My favorite happens to be the green-fleshed, buttery Fuerte – what’s yours?

Creamy, rich, full of nutrients and healthy fats, avocados are best chopped in salads, layered on your favorite sandwich, toast or omelette, or mashed into a delicious spread at the ready.

Ranging in color from green to nearly black, textures vary from smooth to slightly bumpy.  Each fruit takes between 14 – 18 months to mature, dotting the dense ever green trees that sway in ocean breezes and bask in the intense sun.

Hand-harvested, avocados are delicate when ripe and can bruise easily. It’s best to store them refrigerated or leave to ripen in the open. They’re perfect with a slight yield to gentle pressure without feeling mushy.

1 cup, cubed150g12.8g10g2.8g
1 cup, pureed230g19.6g15.4g4.2g
1 cup, sliced146g12.5g9.8g2.7g

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